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convert skeleton to layer

User: spitaler
Since: 01/14/2011
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Date: 03/21/2012 [12:39 PM]
I need to use analyse the shape and location of worms, the ideal way would be to use the skeleton (mid-line) for it. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to do this.
Definiens allows to visualise skeletons (but even then only for a single object, as far as I can tell), or use the branching properties for further analysis, but is there a way to convert the skeleton into a layer or objects?


User: Johannes
Since: 11/02/2010
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Date: 03/22/2012 [04:07 PM]
Hi Martin,

midlines can be readily extracted as objects following the "Analysis of Branched Structures" approach in Definiens Develper XD Advanced Training I 2D (Module 6, Distance Maps). The backbone objects can than be transferred into a layer.
Alternatively, you can use the "3D Skeleton" algorithm, which is not part of standard distribution, but available upon request.

I hope this helps